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The Clan Munro (Association) do not have the resources to help with the search for long lost ancestors, this may change in the future but in the meantime the following addresses may help, others will be added if thought suitable.

History of the Munros by Alexander Mackenzie

A Word of Warning.

One of the commonest misapprehensions held by those who consult Alexander Mackenzie's monumental History of the Munros in search of possible ancestors is to assume that the names of all Munros who had lived in and before his day will be found in its pages; whereas on his title-page he clearly states that he only attempted to include the Munros of Foulis and 'the principal families of the name'. Even these he was not always able to trace in full, as he readily admits, although the rediscovered Writs of Munro of Foulis, and detailed study of The 1734 Munro Tree amongst others have enabled a number of gaps to be filled.

History of the Munros is now known to contain many inaccuracies, and whilst a useful tool in the genealogist’s toolbox, it’s contents should never be taken as infallible and should wherever possible be checked against other sources.

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General Register Office for Scotland

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Ancestry are selling on disc part I (1299-1722) of

"The Calendar of Writs of Munro of Foulis" for £12

The British Library has 174 letters from Munros in its manuscript catalogue alone

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Munro DNA Project

The ScotlandsPeople Centre is a family history centre where visitors will gain access to key Scottish resources such as birth, marriage and death records, wills, census records and Coats of Arms, going back almost 500 years. Everything has been digitised so all the records will be available on computer screens at your desk.

General Register House and New Register House have combined facilities to create this purpose built family history centre. The centre will have four search rooms, a cafe, a shop and a seminar facility spread over the two historic buildings in the heart of Edinburgh.

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The site is simple to use and provides step-by-step information on getting started and the sources that are available to help. It also shows you how to compile your very own family tree and has a useful links section to help with your research.

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