The Munro Tree

The Munro Tree 1734

This is the oldest Munro family tree in existence and begins with "Donald Munro, the traditional founder of the Clan and runs through to Sir Robert Munro who was killed at the battle of Falkirk in 1746. It includes the first 25 chiefs and their families.

The Munro Tree is written on a parchment 2 ft 8 ins square and it is difficult to handle and to read.Attempts to copy it in some logical order have led to mistakes misinterpretation and omissions, so that many errors have crept in and have been perpetuated. The Munro Tree is the sole authority for the first eight generations and what is there, or interpreted as being there has been repeated, often incorrectly, in many publications including Alexander Mackenzie's History of the Munros 1898. As R W Munro says "mere repetition does not add anything to their authority."

This document is not just a family tree with masses of names and dates. It was written by the late Clan Munro genealogist and historian, R W Munro and published in 1978. His introduction is of huge interest to all Munros for it gives what is, in effect, his brief version of our early Clan History and corrects many of the errors and misconceptions that have crept into that history over the years.

For example, he gives reasons why some of the early history, in particular the first eight generations, must be viewed with caution; he talks about the Munro lands; the branch families; about gaps in the tree; and Munros in public office. There is a huge amount that is of general interest to Munros.

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