Billy Munro’s genealogy database is now on sale. 

For several years we have been offering a CD containing our own growing genealogy computer files that we update each year.  The 2009 version of this CD also contains a transcription of Billy Munro’s lifetime collection of Munro genealogy information.

Here’s what potential buyers should know:

1. The CD contains two separate sets of genealogy data – Billy Munro’s work and the Clan Munro USA genealogy database.

2. Billy’s data consists of nearly 7000 records and is stored in Microsoft Excel format so users will need that software or a compatible spreadsheet program on their computers in order to read the data. (Try Openoffice)

3. The Clan Munro USA data has nearly 60,000 records connected into family trees and is stored in the GEDCOM format which is the genealogy industry standard format for transferring genealogy data.  Users will need a genealogy program that can import GEDCOM files.  Every genealogy program that I know of can import GEDCOM files.

4. We have already started the process of merging these two sets of data into one huge database, but this process will take several years to complete.  Each new annual version of the CD will have more of the integration work completed.

To order a CD send US$10 (this includes postage) in a check/cheque made out to Clan Munro Association, USA to:

Allen Alger, Genealogist

Clan Munro Association, USA

332 Warren Court

Chapel Hill NC USA