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With an introduction from Don and prior phone call to Sarah Munro we arrived at Foulis Castle in the afternoon on Wednesday 9th June on a variable but generally fine day. Having confused myself as to the directions to find Sarah we stopped in front of Foulis to ask directions from a lady who was gardening. I was told about the trouble with the rabbits and the requirement for the foliage of the bulbs to die before clearing such that the nutrients from the plants return to the ground and bulb before clearing the dead foliage away. I was then given directions to Sarah (my daughter in law) to go to the house behind the castle. I then realized this was Hector’s mother enjoying her garden.

We traveled along the avenue of trees planted between the castle and the house (Foulis Mains). All trees are mature and doing exceptionally well. Some of these trees had been donated by the Australian branch of the Clan.

We met Sarah at Foulis Mains and we were invited in for a cup of tea and biscuits and introduced to her daughter in law Omah who was expecting a child and grandchild for Hector and Sarah. We were then invited into Hector’s office to meet Hector in farming mode and view the “Book of Trees” which is under production. The book gives the precise history of the trees planted on the Foulis Estate from donations received for dedications and commemorations and will be a excellent and well produced record.

Then we drove with Sarah to the higher ground behind the castle to see the planted birch trees. These trees are planted as a long grove and a swath across the  side of a high ridge giving spectacular views south and east along the Cromarty Firth all the way to the Moray Firth and beyond to the sea. This is an incredibly beautiful place chosen for dedicated and commemorative acknowledgement. This place is quite spiritual and moving and a fine selection for its purpose. Thanks to Sarah and all others involved with the selection. Every tree is recorded and we were shown the two trees we had dedicated to family members.

The thoughtfulness and effort gone into selecting and planting this site was above our expectations and we left humbled with our spirits lifted from our experience.

Ian (Darby) and Patty Munro's visit to Foulis Castle